Why You Should Learn Self-Defense!

With the never ending scene of violence in the world; one thing holds true as a global concept: self-defense. No matter what style you choose to learn, knowing self-defense is becoming an almost necessity within our daily lives. This could be attributed to many different factors such as an economic downturn that turns people desperate and violent, people with certain political/religious views, or people that generally have mental/behavior disorders. All the above (but limited to those) can prove to be a risk to the average human being. Lets take a look at some of the benefits of learning real self-defense and why you seriously consider learning such a skill.


  1. Safety & Protection: Other than just learning to defend yourself; having self-defense skills can also prove to being better equipped to defense and protect your family, loved ones, friends or even clients (if you work in security/law enforcement).

Where to Take a Self-Defense Class - Arlington, Virginia

  1. Confidence: For many people that don’t already have any defensive skills, or that may be a smaller person; they may lack confidence in themselves which not only can impact their safety but also prevent having certain social skills. With the confidence gained from practical self-defense training; a person can really start to feel less timid in certain environments and situations. 

Building Confidence

  1. Resume: This can be subjective, but generally if someone is either already in a career or attempting to enter a career of security, law enforcement, body guard, etc – having a certification or letter of completion from a full self-defense course can elevate your candidacy for certain employment positions. 

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